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Currently ::

December 2016 (66 Plate) Ranger Rover Evoque HSE, 2.0L Diesel Auto - Bought on a whim just after mum passed away, a beautiful car inside, with a pale cream interior, all the toys and a stealth like dark metalic gun metal grey outside.  Really like this car, its up there (perhaps just ahead) with the BMW 330i MSport as the favorite car I've ever owned.

Previous cars ::

March 2015 (65 Plate) Ford Kuga, 2.0L Diesel Auto - Just like a C-Max, just bigger on the outside and inside...  

February 2012 (62 Plate) Ford C-Max, 2.0L Diesel Auto - oh how the mighty have fallen, or did I just get a bad back and needed something that wasn't killing my back...  or my bank account :¬)   In the end, had some great adventures in this and turned out to be a nice drive afterall... 

December 2008 (58 Plate) BMW 330i M Sport, 3.0L, straight six giving 272hp and 320Nm through a six speed steptronic transmission with steering wheel paddles, in black, with oyster colour leather heated seats and the fabulous iDrive gadget, which gives me a puck type controller on the centre console to control music, telephone calls, heating, servicing and navigation via a colour screen mounted high on the dash.  This nice little toy also gives me internet access from the car to grab news, weather, traffic and search Google for information.  That's right, even my car is internet enabled now !

August 2007 (07 Plate) BMW 325i M Sport, Creamy 2.5L straight six, with a six speed box, in Le Mans blue, with leather heated seats, xenon headlamps, riding on some lovely alloys...

September 2006 (56 Plate) BMW 320Si, with a six speed box, factory modified engine, sports modifications for suspension, steering, drive train and a few styling bits - The magazines and media called it a baby M3, it sounds great, revs to 7500 and feels like it goes like stink.  The 0-60 isn't great, but it feels faster in gears and seems to have power right through the rev range.

January 2004 (53 Plate) Audi A3 2.0FSI, with a six speed box, sports suspension, upgraded Bose sound system, with a six disc autochanger in matallic blue - And yes, the magazines were right, it doesn't set the road on fire like a Subaru, or other turbo nutter beast, but it did everything extremely well, handled great, felt nice to drive, comfy, built as though it was curved from solid piece of granite and was fast enough for 99.99% of situations - 150bhp, 0-60 in 9.1 sec's, the bad part was that it really egged you on to go faster !

September 1999 (V Plate) Audi A3 1.6 Sport in Pearl Silver (leased from new for 3 years, then bought), (93,000 Miles). Rating 9 out of 10 until the gearbox had a unusual failure in Nov 2003, decided to fix it, cut my losses and get shut, gearbox cost me £1,600. Total cost of ownership (excluding fuel, tax and insurance) about £17,000 or 18p/mile

October 1996 (P Plate) Rover 214 Si in Metallic Red (leased from new for 3 years), (37,000 miles). Rating 6 out of 10, was a nice car at the time and worked out cheap to run - My first brand new car ! Total cost of ownership (excluding fuel, tax and insurance) about £9,000 or 24p/mile

March 1990 (G Plate) Rover 214 GSi in Metallic Blue (bought in May 1992 with 27,000 miles, sold with 67,000 miles (I think). Rating, 7 out of 10, gave me some electrical troubles, but felt good to drive and I did many comfortable miles in this - Cambelt went unexpectedly and it was time to fix and get shut. Total cost of ownership (excluding fuel, tax and insurance) about £5,500 or 14p/mile

August 1980 (W Plate) Ford Escort 1300 Ghia in Metallic Gold (bought in September 1990 with 48,000 miles, traded in with 96,000 miles (I think). Rating, by today's standards, it was a rust bucket, but for my first car, it was pristine, looks the business and everybody said it was the best Mk II Escort they had ever seen. I had a great sounding 4 unit, plus sub woofer, Pioneer amped, speaker system, with a top of the range Panasonic Head unit. I was the original boom box car boy ! LOL. Total cost of ownership (excluding fuel, tax and insurance) about £2,000 or 4p/mile

Desires ?

Ultimate Dream
:: McLaren F1
Get my finger out affordable
:: McLaren 570S
:: Aston Martin Vantage
Perhaps next time ?
:: Another Evoque
:: Range Rover Sport
:: Porsche Macan
Something for the weekend ?
:: VW California Ocean
:: Ariel Atom