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Who is this guy ?

For fear of identity theft, I'll keep the details slim...  I was born in July 1971, I'm about 6ft 3in (about 1905mm for you metric types), wear glasses and I'm far from being slim.

In my spare time, I've a passion for music, love a netflix box set, I tinker in the kitchen and love a bit of mixology.  I've been into photography for many years, with active and inactive periods, I'm finding that the instant way of taking a photo on a iPhone then uploading to Facebook is getting in the way of me using all may DSLR kit...  maybe something for the summer !

I live in Sheffield and work all over the place for my employer, Sevenairs Consulting Ltd, where I'm the director and I specifically provide Road Safety, Operational Safety, Traffic Management and Engineering Services to both private and public sector clients.

:: Where have I been on holiday ?
:: What's on my drive ?
:: What do a do for a living ?
:: Just what did I get up to for five years ?






Haydn thinking at the southern tip of New Zealand

The thinking man !