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Who is this guy ?

For fear of identity theft, I'll keep the details slim...  I was born in July 1971, I'm about 6ft 3in (about 1905mm for you metric types), wear glasses and I'm far from being slim.

In my spare time, apart from a seriously bad online habit, I like to tinker in the kitchen, I love being social, I like the odd drink and seem to be less attracted to pubs and clubs than in my youth - getting old now you see !

I've currently got a really bad habit for TV shows from the states, currently, Fringe, Southland, Dexter, The Good Wife, Greys Anatomy, Castle and so on...  I've decided that it's a sign of my reducing attention span, my film watching has dropped considerably in recent times.  The same goes for reading, I can pick up a magazine or browse wikipedia anytime, but give me a book and my eyes gloss over - should I be worried ?  answers on a postcard please !

I live in Sheffield and work all over the place for my employer, AECOM a hugh professional services company where I specifically provide Road Safety, Traffic Management and Engineering Services to both private and public sector clients.

I was married on the 3rd July 2009, to Lesley of course, at a very nice place called Fischer's at Baslow Hall.  It was a small intimate wedding, some of the family stayed the night before, we get married at 4:30pm in the hall, then sat down to a very special meal at this Michelin Stared restaurant.

:: Where have I been on holiday ?
:: What's on my drive ?
:: What do a do for a living ?
:: Just what did I get up to for five years ?




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