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What do I do for a living ?

General Overview ::
My daily job is providing Consultancy Services in Road Safety, Operational Safety, Traffic Engineering and Management Services for various clients through my employer Sevenairs Consulting, which incidently, I'm the owner/director of !

Traffic Engineering ::
The design of a road improvement is much more complex than just dropping a few bricks in the road and covering them with tarmac... Indeed, many people believe this is the case and it takes some explaining to persuade them otherwise !!! I deal with a small aspect of the design process, but probably the most important bit, which I call the icing on the cake. Basically, the things all users see... Things like geometry, road markings, traffic signs, street lighting, traffic signals and often overlooked, the legal stuff.

Designing Roads ::
I could be here all night, but I've listed some issues below that need to be considered in the design process. Obviously the bigger the scheme the more involved the work and more of the items have to be considered.

:: Land ownership, use and planning issues
:: Highways economics, cost benefits and funding processes
:: Foundations, sub structure, soils and water tables
:: Water, surface drainage, cross fall, long fall, sewers and outfalls
:: Statutory undertakers, water, gas, electric, telecoms, other
:: Surface materials, macadam, concrete, loose materials and landscaping
:: Safety barriers, pedestrian guardrailing
:: Bridges, viaducts, tunnels and retaining structures
:: Traffic signs, road markings, street lighting, traffic signals
:: Traffic regulation orders, speed limits, parking control and other legal stuff
:: Technology, lane control, variable message signs, communications

The list isn't meant to be comprehensive, just gives you a taste for the complexities of the work. What you normally find is that many people specialise in one or two of the fields listed above. My skills are generally in the latter three items, but I also dabble in many of the other fields

Clients ::
Alphabetically, these are companies I've completed work for either directly or indirectly as clients

National and Regional Government

:: English Partnerships
:: English Waterways
:: Glasgow 2014
:: Highways England/Agency
:: Network Rail
:: Sheffield City Region
:: Transport for Greater Manchester
:: West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Local Government

Yorkshire and the Humber
:: Barnsley Council
:: Bradford City Council
:: Calderdale Council
:: Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
:: East Riding of Yorkshire County Council
:: Hull City Council
:: Humberside Safety Camera Partnership
:: Kirklees Council
:: Leeds City Council
:: North East Lincolnshire Council
:: North Yorkshire County Council
:: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
:: Sheffield City Council
:: Sheffield Development Corporation
:: South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership
:: Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
:: York City Council

:: Transport for London
:: London Borough of Greenwich
:: London Borough of Hounslow
:: London Borough of Lambeth
:: London Borough of Southwark

:: Derbyshire County Council
:: Durham County Council
:: Leicestershire County Council
:: Lincolnshire County Council
:: Norfolk County Council
:: Trafford Borough Council
:: Wigan Council

:: AtkinsGlobal/WSAtkins
:: Arup
:: Aspen Burrow Crocker
:: Babtie Group
:: CarillionWSP
:: Fore Consulting
:: Gibb
:: Interserve
:: Kier
:: Local Transport Projects
:: Mott MacDonald
:: Mouchel
:: Scott Wilson
:: Wight Young Green

In addition to the above, I have undertaken work for a long list of other developers

Bigger Projects ::
Most of the work that I undertake is generally of a minor nature, including a few signs, cycle routes, bus priority and road safety improvements, but below are a list of a few of the big boys that I've worked on. In order of reducing values

:: M6 Toll (Formally Birmingham Northern Relief Road) - £900M Investment
:: A1 Leeling to Barton - £400M
:: M6 J16-19 Smart Motorway - £274M
:: South Yorkshire LRT - £230M Infrastructure
:: A1 Darrington to Dishford Improvement - £245M DBFO
:: A628 / A57 Mottram, Hollingsworth and Tintwistle Bypass
:: A1033 Hedon Road, Hull - £43M
:: Don Valley Link Road, Sheffield - £33M
:: Sheffield Airport Spine Road - £8M
:: Sheffield Inner Ring Road, Stage 1 - (Stage 1b valued at £7M)
:: Sheffield Inner Relief Road, Stage 2 - £56M Initial Contract Value
:: St Stephens Development, Hull - £160M retail investment
:: Broad Street Plaza, Halifax - £50M retail investment
:: Robin Hood Airport Link (FARRRS), Doncaster (RAF Finningley)
:: Alconbury Distribution Park, Cambridgeshire