Haydn Vernals

my personal web pages


Photoshop strikes again !I've had a website since 1997, it started life as a business site for selling PC's that I was building at the time, then evolved to include a bit of my personal life and more recently added more business information.  I now run a separate website for my business, with this site for my personal ramblings, a few links and some more historical insights into the roads around Sheffield.

In an renewed effort to make my life simpler I've moved my ramblings on to Facebook where you can contact me almost 24/7

I've a few old blogs, one called "A Round Tuit" which I used before Facebook, another called "Operation Broadsword" for a road trip around England, Wales and Scotland, that I completed in June 2009 with a few friends and a third, called "4000 Mile Honeymoon", the clue of the content is in the title.

So what is this site all about I hear you ask ?  Well, it was mainly here just as my hobby. By keeping a website, I kept in touch with old friends, attracted business clients, generated a medium to place my historical musings on the Roads of Sheffield and it was also a great place to keep my thoughts and web-links...    Times have moved on though...